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About us

The CREATIVE LED GmbH® established 2004 as R&D fabless company for optoelectronic parts with high customized properties.

The product range contains LEDs, Photodiodes and Phototransistors in THD and SMD packages. Development of chip designs, package design in plastic packages or ceramic LTCC, Al2O3, and AlN are possible.

Special inquires as wired LED, e.g. for Metrology Devices;, in metal housing cased LED or other specifications of constructions are available.

We have a broad range of test equipment for all necessary measurement of opto-characteristics in the WL range of 200nm upto 4000nm in our test labor. We can offer analysis of obsolete parts or for replacements with higher accuracy or performance. E.g., 1-meter integrated sphere or a high-resolution goniometer with 0,02 degree angle steps.

The design of high accuracy tools for OEM production supports the high quality of our mostly niche market product in the range of 3°…130° viewing angle in the order quantity range of 10 pieces min. per year.


Alte Dorfstr. 1E
18211 Retschow OT Glashagen

E-mail: support@creativeled.com
Phone:  +49 38203 778472
Internet: www.creativeled.com

Contact person:

Carsten Freiberg
Managing Director
E-mail: support@creativeled.com
Phone: +49 38203 778472

Products & Services

  • Light Emitter Diodes (LED) in standard Through Hole Device (THD) packages for second source, replacements of obsolete and phase-out types with better performance
  • Customized LED in Surface Mount Device (SMD) package 3535 ceramic (white or black LTCC) rectangular form with max. 7 wavelength in the range of 300nm-1650nm
  • Customized LED in Surface Mount Device package 9090 ceramic (white LTCC) octal form with max.14 wavelength in the range of 300nm-1650nm
  • High accuracy LED in CQR6-serie THD packages with 2Фe in the range of 4°-25°
  • Customized LED with a full angle of 4 to about 130 degrees
  • THD Photodiodes (PD) and Phototransistors (PT) with base contact with a full angle of 4 - 130 degrees
  • SMD PD and PT with base contact in 2.4mm or 1,85mm width
  • LED light source for illumination with spectrum from 300nm - 1650nm (mixed wavelength)
  • High Brightness Flash-Lights upto 150000 Lumen, customized design available

Services: customer inquiries for bending, taping, cutting and wire- soldering according customers drawings

High Brightness Flash-Lights Modules

for industrial machine vision, monitoring and
surveillance camera systems upto 150000
Lumen@115mm diameter including 40mm dia hole for
camera objectives. OEM for another sizes and
brightness are welcome.
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High Brightness Flash Light Module

LTCC Surface Mounted Device Package

our new LED / Sensors packages, unique and very flexible in
configuration... leaves almost nothing to be desired.
Particularly suitable for the UV range; in combination
with glass lenses, different beam angles can be
realized. Available sizes are: 9090 , 5050 and 3535
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LTCC Surface Mounted Device Package

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