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Printoptix GmbH

Booth number: C-32-6

About us

Printoptix designs, develops and fabricates 3D-printed micro-optical components and systems. We cover the whole process: from your idea for a micro-optical system to the finished product and even the series production. By 3D-printing complete optical systems, a whole new world of design freedom becomes accesible and affordable since complexity is a free ressource. By combining the 3D-printed parts with fibers, imaging sensors or semiconductor surfaces, highly integrated systems are possible for a variety of applications like medical technology, optical data transmission, or microscopic camera systems.

logo projection with an optical fiber, projector diameter is 200µm

Typical three lens system as it comes out of the printer.

Optical system for redirection and imaging, with itegrated mechanical features for fiber integration


Printoptix GmbH
Johannesstr. 11
70176 Stuttgart

E-mail: contact@printoptix.com
Phone:  +49 1575 0143256
Internet: www.printoptix.com

Contact person:

Nils Fahrbach
Managing Director
E-mail: fahrbach@printoptix.com
Phone: +49 1575 0143256

Products & Services

Printoptix is specialized in individual and custom made micro optical solutions. We can make your ideas into prototypes with exceptionally short lead times.

Besides this more project based and individual development and prototyping service, printoptix offers off-the-shelf optical systems like the PTX90-f42, an imaging objective with 90° FOV and an overall diameter of 1.1 mm.


The PTX90-f42 is an imaging objectve with a 90° FOV and an F-number of 4.2, that is meant to be glued directly onto the coverglass of an imaging sensor. the system is flat on both sides and encased and sealed into a metal casing.

PTX90-f42, with and without metal casing. Wasp as size reference.

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